Coach Tim Nolan, professional batting instructor, associate scout for the Philadelphia Phillies, and the designer of the ProCut Hitting System, has a few ideas to help you improve your game skills.

Here, you’ll find many ways to improve your baseball or softball hitting fundaments, speed, strength, and power. There are many products that say they work but they don’t have science proving it. The ProCut Hitting System does, and it proves that it is the perfect swing weight system for hitters. There are personal testimonials that will prove this system works!
The road starts here to get your hitting to the next level. It will take hard work, sweat, and thousands and thousands of swings. If you want to be the best, you need to train like one. Throughout this site you’ll also find scientific data, drills, and suggestions for building the best hitter you can be. You’ll learn about Ballistic Training and how the pro's use it to reinforce their fundamental swing along with increasing their bat speed and power. Whether you play baseball or softball, the ProCut Hitting System will help improve your game.



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